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How to set the correct battery chemistry on my J35D battery management system?



  • Mitch Burton

    I have had an issue changing the battery chemistry with a J35 B-L and ControlNode103.

    Sometimes in settings the “Battery Type” that should be displaed under the “Battery Capacity” tab does not show on the app.

    Quitting and closing the app and also isolating/disconnecting the battery from the vans BMPRO/ControlNode then reconnecting the battery, waiting until it has initialised and then re launching the JHUB app can sometimes fix the battery type selection issues

  • Leanne Riley

    Thanks Mitch!!! 

    We encountered exactly the same issue and couldn't find a single thing in the manual! We also disconnected, reconnected and it worked. Then failed. So we disconnected the node the second time.. worked! 

    Legend! Thanks for leaving your comment Mitch. 


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