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Can I add a different kind of battery to what I already have in my system?



  • Grahame Hawkins

    Hi my smartsense bmpro will not pair after l replacement of batteries l have 2 tried tried holding orange button down to help tried pressing 6 time's no go l have 3 green lights on

    Can you give me more tricks 

  • Bec Donovan

    Good afternoon,

    We purchased a serenity sun runner back in 2021 and they have installed a BMPRO Battery Plus system 35-11-SR (BMS MPPT). 

    We need to replace both lead acid deep cycle batteries that were installed at the factory at time of build, BMPRO 105 amp agm batteries. 

    Are we able to purchase 120 amp agm and put them into the caravan? Does the BMPRO battery system inside the cabinet have to be reset as the amp will be different ? 

    Will it still be able to read solar , power etc in the screen?

    Please help! 

    We have research every battery possible that we could possibly use and the terminals are different as well from the battery installed at build to new battery at retail caravan stores. 


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